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Q. Can motorhomes be driven on any licence?

Vehicles up to 3500kg can be driven on any licence regardless of the drivers age. For vehicles over 3500kg however the driver must have passed their test before 01/01/1997, and be under 70 years old. If the driver is 70 years of age or older they will have to take a medical examination in order to keep the C1 element of their licence. Details of how to go about this can be found online on sites such as www.driversmedicals.com. An average cost is around £50 for this.

Q. How much is the Road Fund Tax on a motorhome?

Road tax on motorhomes is not as expensive as you might think – it is classified by weight rather than emissions and there are only 2 categories: Motorhomes up to 3500kg cost £235 per year and motorhomes over 3500kg cost only £165 per year!

Q. How much will insurance cost me?

Again, insurance is another cost which is usually much less than people expect. Obviously, there are many factors which will vary from person-to-person but from our experience our customers usually pay on average £250-£350 per year with a motorhome-specialist insurer which should also include European roadside recovery as well as a contents insurance for your valuables. Here's an article we wrote about Motorhome Insurance https://www.omcmotorhomes.co.uk/blog/2017/10/09/motorhome-insurance-essential-guide/

Q. Where can I get an MOT for my motorhome?

Despite what you may expect or have been told in the past all motorhomes come under the regular “Class IV” test (just like your car) regardless of weight/size. This means once the vehicle reaches 3 years old it will require a yearly MOT which can be done at any MOT station. The only thing we would advise is you check with your garage that they can fit your motorhome inside/through their garage door!

Q. Can I take out a finance loan on a motorhome?

Yes – we offer flexible finance terms of up to 10 years (dependent on vehicle age) through various finance providers such as Black Horse, Close Brothers and Evolution Funding.

Q. What happens if I have a problem with my motorhome later down the line?

We give a comprehensive 3-year warranty on all our motorhomes. This covers not only mechanical components ie engine/gearbox etc but also all of the habitation side too – e.g. fridge, cooker, boiler, heating system, charging system, even the toilet! Our warranty covers you for parts & labour anywhere in Europe so you don’t have to end a holiday early to trek back to us in the event you do have a problem!

Q. What is the law on seatbelts?

This is a very good answer: http://www.ukmotorhomes.net/motorhome-faqs/17-motorhome-seatbelts

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