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Eura Mobil has become one of the best known and widely regarded names in the motorhome industry and enthusiasts from around Europe recognise the name as being at the very fore of their industry. The company, which is based primarily in Germany, has chosen Nottingham based Oaktree Motorhomes as its only UK approved supplier. Buyers looking for innovation, comfort, quality, and durability from their motorhome need look no further than this powerful partnership.

Buying a motorhome means choosing from a surprisingly vast range of vehicles. There are many makes and models available in virtually every budget range and this offers competitiveness in the industry as well as a great range of choice for the consumer. However, it can also seem a daunting task to initially choose which manufacturer of motorhome to go for. Eura Mobil has become one of the leading European names in motorhome manufacturing and supply.

Such is the quality and appreciation of Eura Mobil motorhomes that, in May 2012, they triumphed in two of the seven total categories in the Promobil polls. Promobil is the largest and most widely read specialist motorhome publication in Europe showing the high level of quality provided by Eura Mobil. In the same poll, they also took third place meaning exceptional results across the board for the German designer.

One of the reasons that Eura Mobil has enjoyed this level of accolade is their dedication to innovation. They specialise in motorhome manufacture and this has given them a unique perspective in being able to create some of the most beneficial features for their new motorhomes. Increased structural rigidity, improved use of interior space, and greater driving capabilities are just some of the features that the German engineers have introduced over the years.

If you are working to a tight budget, don't let the awards and praise put you off. With a selection of semi-integrated, fully integrated, and alcove models available to choose from you can find motorhomes to match any budgetary requirements as well as any other requirements you might have. You shouldn't have to sacrifice quality just to be able to afford a motorhome and by using a respected and trusted name like Eura Mobil you can enjoy both.

Eura Mobil has chosen Oaktree Motorhomes as its only approved UK supplier. The two companies share a passion not only for motorhomes but for a personal yet professional approach to selling high quality vehicles. With typically more than 60 vehicles on display, Oaktree Motorhomes certainly has the stock and they include a wide range of features so that you can be certain you are getting the best deal on the most appropriate van for your requirements.

Oaktree is a motorhome showroom with a difference. They do not employ pushy salespeople and every motorhome on the lot is left unlocked so that you can take a look at your own leisure. Of course, if you have any questions or queries then you can raise these with the team, which has more than 60 years of experience combined. Oaktree Motorhomes wants to be sure that you buy the right vehicle and at the right price.

Every used motorhome sold is fully cleaned, valeted, and steam cleaned to ensure that it looks, smells, and feels as good as possible. From the engine to the fridge and the brakes to the boiler system, all of the parts of the motorhome are serviced and, unusually for the industry, buyers also receive a free 3 year warranty. This warranty covers pan European travel and it means that breakdowns or broken habitation fittings will not put paid to your trip away.

More and more people are holidaying in the UK because of the increased costs of travelling abroad and because of the incredible quality of holiday opportunities available here in the country. A motorhome offers a convenient and affordable way to enjoy regular holidays in the UK and also in the rest of Europe. With 3 year warranty cover and a fully serviced vehicle you can get behind the wheel confident that you will be able to enjoy every minute of your trip.

Eura Mobil has a keen attention to detail in everything they do and not only does this include the manufacture of great quality and appealing motorhomes but also in the companies they choose to partner with and in their close relationship with customers and potential buyers.

Oaktree Motorhomes has become the UK's only approved supplier of Eura Mobil motorhomes and whether you want an integrated, semi-integrated, or an alcove motorhome you will be able to choose from a large selection.Browse the Eura Mobil site and contact Oaktree with any questions or queries regarding the models that they have to offer, to determine current Eura Mobil stock levels, or to ask us to locate the perfect motorhome for your requirements.

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