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RAC 3 Year Warranty

Free 3 Year RAC Warranty

There are many factors that the buyer needs to consider when buying a used motorhome. As well as space and luxury, you should also consider the quality of the vehicle and how long appliances and other fixtures are likely to last. Having to replace the fridge or the cooker can prove as expensive as having to pay for engine or gearbox repairs so this is a cost that is worth considering.

Free 3 year RAC warranty with all motorhome purchases

Oaktree Motorhomes is one of few used motorhome sales companies to offer a free 3 year RAC warranty with every purchase, ensuring that customers can enjoy peace of mind and high quality, long lasting appliances. This is an invaluable addition to what can prove an expensive purchase. You can also upgrade and extend the free warranty to suit your needs.

The RAC warranty not only covers the mechanical and vehicular elements of your motorhome for a full 3 years, it also includes and protects appliances and features in the habitation area of the motorhome as well. The warranty covers parts and labour costs for most equipment throughout the whole vehicle only excluding parts which naturally wear out such as batteries, brake pads, windscreen wipers etc and aftermarket accessories which are not part of the vehicle.

Customers of Oaktree Motorhomes enjoy total peace of mind that not only will their newly purchased vehicle get them to their chosen destination in style, but it will provide everything they need once they arrive.

Warranty Coverage, in brief

The FREE RAC 3 year warranty offered by Oaktree Motorhomes is a pan-European motorhome warranty. The guarantee covers unlimited claims over the three years with no excess to pay on any claim. Unusually, the warranty covers all labour and parts wherever you happen to be within the continent. You can take you motorhome for repair at literally 1000s of garages and workshops accross the whole of Europe, any VAT registered business can repair your motorhome

Engine and mechanical maintenance

A motorhome or campervan will typically cover thousands of miles in a year but it will also be used sporadically. Few people use a vehicle of this type every day and this irregular use can have an impact on the engine and other mechanical features of the vehicle. The engine should be checked and maintained regularly and thoroughly to ensure that it continues to run smoothly.

Oaktree Motorhomes will service the engine, gearbox, and other key mechanical elements of the vehicle prior to you driving away. This means that buyers can enjoy satisfaction and peace of mind from their purchase knowing that the engine will be in full working order. We will even change the cam belt (where applicable), something that is often overlooked because of the cost and time that it takes to replace.

Servicing helps ensure that the engine is in good condition but even with the best servicing policy available, breakdowns and other mechanical failures can still occur. At Oaktree Motorhomes buyers not only enjoy a motorhome that has been fully serviced but they also offer a free 3 year RAC warranty to cover problems that might occur within those three years after purchasing.

Appliance servicing included

When buyers purchase a used motorhome or campervan from Oaktree Motorhomes all of these elements of their new vehicle will have been fully serviced too. Items like the fridge, the water system, the heating, and the boiler will be in full working order and, again, if anything goes wrong within the three years then it will likely be covered by the extensive, high value RAC warranty that came with your purchase.

12 months Road Tax and MOT included

Prior to you driving away your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned, steam cleaned (as appropriate), and valeted. Along with the full engine and habitation equipment service and cam belt (where appropriate) your motorhome will come complete with a full 12 month MOT and 12 months of road tax saving you a considerable amount of money.

Buying a used motorhome from Oaktree motorhomes offers you a level of convenience and service that makes your choice so much easier.

If you still have questions

If you have any questions about any part of our service or warranty provisions then you can call the friendly Oaktree Motorhomes team on 0115 930 3140. Alternatively you can email sales@omcmotorhomes.co.uk or just pop in and have a coffee with us. Contact us today or find us

Did you know?

Oaktree Motorhomes has been at the forefront of selling quality used motorhomes and campervans in Nottingham for over 19 years and the team has combined experience of more than 80 years between them. This family run business succeeds in offering a hassle free and relaxed environment in which buyers can choose from a stock of more than 75 used motorhomes for sale.

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